• Geographically complex structures
• Difficult communication between employees
• Full commitment to transforming to a digital workplace



• Mobile network of experts accessible by all employees
• Company-wide and fully integrated in the Planzer Intranet
• Multi device and real-time solution access



• Immediate resolution of questions and problems, even on outlying places
• Key to the digital world of Planzer
• Increase of operational efficiency

Starmind is simply brilliant! With over 4’000 employees it is impossible for everybody to understand what other people already know. In addition, thanks to the answers already stored, we are able to proactively recognize our employee’s needs – without Starmind, this would be difficult to achieve.

Jan Pfenninger
Head of Marketing
Planzer Transport AG


Planzer Transport AG is one of the leading Swiss transport and logistics companies. With 4'200 employees and a fleet of 1,350 vehicles, Planzer provides transport services in Switzerland and abroad in 56 locations. In addition, Planzer has over 935'000 square meters of warehouse space and offers logistical system solutions.

At the Planzer family business, founded by the pioneer and maverick Max Planzer over 75 years ago, every logistical desire becomes a reality. In doing so, Planzer consistently keeps in mind quality standards for its customers and is always able to go one step beyond.


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