• Customer satisfaction is a key competitive differentiator
• Over 400’000 customer feedback     interactions a year
• Solutions offered to customers can be inconsistent



• Implementation of the Sunrise Starmind Network
• Full access for all 100 shop locations and service centers
• Starmind is embedded in all collaboration and service tools while legacy documenting systems are substituted



• Call centre agents and shop staff deliver instant and consistent answers to customer inquiries
• Real interaction expertise is shared with other locations and central services
• Customer’s experience becomes consistent, better and more satisfying

Customer experience is more
consistent and better.

Thomas Leber
Director of Customer Experience
Sunrise AG


The Sunrise Communications Group AG (Sunrise) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and is the leading, fully-integrated competitor delivering a comprehensive range of services across all market segments within telecommunications. Sunrise is the leading alternative provider in both the mobile sector (pre- and postpaid) and the landline sector, as well as the third largest landline internet provider with IPTV.

On December 31st 2014 the company was recorded as maintaining approximately 3.3 million customer relationships. Sunrise is committed to delivering the best
convergent experience in the industry.

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on the 1st day
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