Biology and Business - A Perfect Symbiosis
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Pascal Kaufmann
Co-Founcer Starmind International

Starmind’s Brain Technology refers to the operating methods of the human brain, which has connections and dynamic combination possibilities between the individual brain cells.

The Starmind technology learns independently and continuously who in the company has which how-how and experience and creates an internal real-time network which links knowledge with people. As in the human brain, where the cells are linked to each other, new connections are created and impulses redirected in order to find the best result. Inspired by the latest developments in brain research, Starmind directs questions to the right experts along the same lines as the intelligent interconnection of brain cells.

It is extremely challenging to understand the human brain and equally difficult to manage the knowledge within a company in a targeted manner. The scope of technical solutions ranges from databases and social media to tools which are operated by artificial intelligence. Which technology promises the greatest possible benefit in this area? The experience companies have made in the field of knowledge management in the last years demonstrates a clear trend: conventional know-how management systems fail because of low acceptance rates among employees, a high degree of complexity and challenging integration and moderation.

Today, more and more companies all over the world rely on a new technology through which every employee has automated access to the expertise of the whole corporation. Within the digital revolution, self-learning technologies facilitate a new kind of co-operation and communication. Read on and find out more about success stories, interesting facts around know-how management and exciting new features regarding the Starmind application.

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