Starmind joins Workbench in NYC

Miriam Reichmuth

Work-Bench is a New York City based Community that scales enterprise technology startups by providing networking opportunities and workspace, connecting exceptional builders to Fortune 1000 buyers, and co-investing in extraordinary founders tackling enormous markets.

Thanks to an impressive client portfolio of global enterprises and its solution in the field of artificial intelligence, Starmind was selected from a remarkable list of startups to join the Work-Bench community this summer.

As a member of Work-Bench, Starmind believes that this community of enterprise startups and technologists can learn, share and collaborate together to grow and further develop game changing IT solutions even faster.

Large corporations see the need to stay current on innovation and new technologies in order to stay competitive. At Work-Bench, they have a great opportunity to do so. Decision makers from all over the world visit the Work-Bench office on a regular basis, giving Starmind the chance to leverage its Fortune 1000 network.

Bridging the gap from startups to Fortune 1000s, both sides benefit from a close product feedback process and the knowledge on how customer insights and needs could be implemented into the enterprise technology of tomorrow.

Next time you’re in New York, stop by and visit us at Work-Bench!

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