Starmind@Helvetia Tech Circuit envisioning the future of damage reports

What will the future of filing damage reports for cars look like? Imagine you are a damage inspector and you wear a pair of glasses that is not only sharpening your vision, it also shows you a mixed reality, where more relevant information is shown as you review the damaged car. The car’s brand - well that's an easy one - but also the year it was built and under which policy it is covered. With a gesture of the hand, pictures are taken and experts for that specific car model are suggested. To simulate if the damage has also affected the body of the car, you can simply swipe your hand in the air and virtually have a look underneath the body parts. 

Once the case is settled, communication to all involved parties is the next step.  Together with the client and further involved parties, information can be easily exchanged and the ruling for compensation can be justified with images that are just a swipe away – online and interactive. Insurance companies like Helvetia would save cost, time and could built a stronger relationship to their clients. 

At Helvetia TECH CIRCUIT® a wide range of visionary business solutions were presented by various companies. Starmind showed how the software that is powered by artificial intelligence, could be integrated in the just evolving future technology, the HoloLense, but also how it can already help as a software that seamlessly integrates into existing workplaces. As part of the Helvetia strategy congress, the TECH CIRCUIT® gave all Helvetia C-Level managers an insight into which solutions could help the company to support the strategy pillars of 20.20, "Agility, Costumer Centricity and Innovation".

Michael Sternecker inspired the participants with a glimpse of the future through the cutting-edge HoloLens. With his profound preparation of the Helvetia case and the live demo of the self-learning algorithms of Starmind, he convinced the crowd that Starmind expert identification is the future of simplified insurance claims.

If you are now wondering how this can work, then contact us to experience how artificial intelligence can improve your organization.

TECH CIRCUIT® is a tailor-made in-house training course for management that showcases relevant technological innovations and is moderated through a discussion about their impact on the business.

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