How did we help our customers win three Intra.NET awards

Alexandra Jagnow

There is nothing more rewarding to us than seeing our clients successfully implement Starmind’s Brain Technology in their collaboration strategy. We are very proud to be a part of their accomplishment:

·        1st place for Telefónica Germany, in the category `Intranet Integration, Strategy & Digital Workplace Management´

·        1st place Swisscom with their project ‘Galactica’ in the category `User Experience Design & Content Management´

·        2nd place for Pricewaterhouse Coopers AG, in the category `Innovative Technology Integration´

Our congratulations go out to all three of them. Their extraordinary work illustrates the outlook for the future of intranet and company collaboration. Reason enough to have a closer look on how they implement our Brain Technology in the daily work routine of their employees.


Internal knowledge platform, know-how tool, intelligent network, redefined knowledge management: it is hard to get a hold of the "DigitalBrain" powered by Starmind with common terms. But as difficult to describe it as simple to say what it does: It makes day-to-day work easier for all Telefónica staff. If an employee needs a quick answer and doesn’t know where to look or who to ask, the "DigitalBrain" is there to help. It connects experts and knowledge in the company and makes it available for everyone, regardless of location, organization or hierarchy. Similar to a neural network, Starmind’s Brain Technology routes a question to the next suitable expert or already has the best answer available. The Telefónica staff simply has to type in their questions on the intranet. The rest is done by the "Digital Brain". It blends into the existing intranet, is intuitive to use and very efficient: 50% of the answers are delivered within 2 hours.Find out more.

Telefónica is one of the three leading integrated telecommunications providers in Germany.



When Swisscom implemented their collaboration project they were glad to have "Ask the Brain" powered by Starmind on hand to relieve the project managers. A majority of the “how-to-use” questions were immediately solved by "Ask the Brain". Questions only had to be answered once and after that were easily found by all user-newbies. Swisscom went without any schooling for the new technology because "Ask the Brain" is so easy to use. Accompanied with an internal marketing campaign pointing out the advantages of the new technology, it was quickly adopted by the employees. Part of the campaign was an extrinsic approach to raise user rates. Swisscom invited all employees to participate in a competition for a higher expert level. The best users were rewarded with hotel stays and movie-tickets. With 20’000 invited users, the critical mass of 5’000 was exceeded by far, and gave the project the best starting position. After six months the results were more than satisfying. 95% of all questions were solved. More than half of the questions were solved within the first two hours. 75% of the answers were rated as really helpful or perfect. Find out more.

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider and one of its foremost IT companies.



Pricewaterhouse Coopers AG is keen to offer their employees a workplace fit for the digital age. Together with Starmind and Colygon, our software partner specialized in enterprise collaboration, PwC is set for the future. Based on SharePoint, PwC is working with MatchPoint Snow, the leading digital workplace platform. The platform alone is already combining communications, collaboration, document management, business applications and digital services into one social intranet portal. But it has a weak spot: undocumented knowledge stays invisible, locked up in each employee’s individual brain. With Starmind’s Brain Technology integrated in their existing MatchPoint platform it takes PwC’s collaboration solution to another level. Now, the company's highly valuable expert knowledge of each individual is available to every employee in real time and across organizations boundaries. With its self-learning algorithm, based on the principles of the brain and neural research, already existing knowledge and developed strategies are easy to find and only a click away. Find out more on how Starmind’s Brain Technology improves organizational efficiency.  

PwC is one of Switzerland's leading auditing and consultancy organizations and a member of the worldwide PwC network.



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