Starmind in the press

Alexandra Jagnow

Whether it is Forbes, Inc. or the Huffington Post – Starmind has made a name of itself in the U.S. media in the last six months. Pascal Kaufmann, one of the two Starmind founders, even gave a live interview at the New York Stock Exchange for Cheddar TV, the live streaming financial news network. He was asked about the future of Artificial Intelligence and the role Starmind is playing in its development.

Other U.S. media have become aware of Pascal as well; the former neuroscientist has lately been quoted quite a bit about his visionary approach to Artificial Intelligence. Here just a few excerpts:

International Business Times: “Many people in AI believe that if you build computers you will ultimately crack intelligence. Just having faster computers, I think will not solve the issue at all.”

ZDNet: "We shouldn't need 300 million pictures of cats to be able to say whether something is a cat, cow, or dog. Intelligence is not related to big data; it's related to small data. If you can look at a cat, extract the principles of a cat like children do, then forever understand what a cat is, that's intelligence."

Bloomberg: “A Swiss neuroscientist, Pascal Kaufmann, recently joked that we’ll know artificial intelligence has advanced to humanlike awareness when it starts cheating.”

The U.S. media has also taken note of our product “Enterprise Q&A”:

Huff Post: There are many applications for this type of machine learning (Starmind) from retaining the knowledge of key people to unburdening experts who are tasked with answering similar questions over and over and can also boost productivity.

Inc.: Type your question into the question window (yes, like Google) and the AI will identify the exact expert within your organization, regardless of their global location, best suited to answer it. No emails, no phone calls, no waiting. 

However, when it comes to praise, nothing beats our clients mentioning our technology in interviews. This happened in an interview with Rainer Baumann of Swiss Re in Forbes Magazine:

Forbes, Rainer Baumann, Swiss Re, CIO und Managing Director: “We use IBM Watson to answer user requests from the service desk, and Starmind connects experts’ intelligence around a question.”

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