Starmind on the Road

Lea Bachmann

Starmind was present at many different events in recent months. To give you an idea of the scope of our outreach, here are three highlights:

Pascal Kaufmann speaks at the ETH

Pascal Kaufmann, one of the two Starmind founders, was invited back to his alma mater, the renowned Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) to speak at a two-day event at the end of September on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. His speech held in the AudiMax, the largest lecture hall at the University, drew an audience of more than 400 people. It was entitled “The State of Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell – The Symbiosis of Man and Machine” and is available on video.

The Spark – the German Digital Award

Together with nine other companies Starmind was a finalist of this year’s German Digital Award, “The Spark”. Awarded in October by McKinsey together with the German daily “Handelsblatt”, it offers startups a platform for presenting their ideas. This year the jury selection focused on companies using Artificial Intelligence whose innovative concepts have already shown initial success. For the work of all the finalists, check the video. You can follow Pascal Kaufmann’s presentation on Starmind as of minute 50:00.

Switzerland’s First Digital Day

Digital Day, an event taking place all over Switzerland organized by digitalswitzerland was launched on November 21. Subsidized by the Swiss government, the event attracted the participation of more than 40 companies. The objective of this national event, staged at train stations in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano and Chur, was to allow the population to gain more insight into the topic of digitalization, to assuage some of their anxieties and acquaint them with the opportunities.

Together with ABB, EY and the University of Zurich, Starmind participated in the category “Technology and Innovation”, focusing on providing information on the subject of Artificial Intelligence. Just for the occasion of the Digital Day we had created a Starmind Network which allowed our visitors access via our app. Questions posed were projected onto our super-dimensional brain; experts from Starmind, ABB, EY and the University of Zurich supplied the answers.

With over 150,000 visitors nationwide the event was an unqualified success. We were able to answer many questions of those who visited our booth and to help them understand our Starmind Network. Even the Swiss Minister of Economics, Mr. Johann Schneider-Ammann, came by and was awed by the huge brain. Earlier he and Pascal Kaufmann had been members of a panel discussion focusing on “The workplace of the future: What will happen?”  Other panelists were Ulrich Spiesshofer (CEO of ABB) and Lino Guzzella (the president of ETH). 

On the morning of the Digital Day event Pascal had accompanied the Swiss president Doris Leuthard as well as other Swiss business leaders on a special train run by the Swiss Railroad SBB that had been outfitted as a “digital compartment” specifically for the event. The train’s journey started in Bern and ended in Zurich, where Mrs. Leuthard officially opened the Digital Day.

On the previous day, November 20, the city of Biel had hosted a national conference under the heading “Digital Switzerland.” The conference aimed at taking stock of the status of the implementation of Swiss government digitalization strategies and on identifying aspects in need of improvement. The conference was attended by legislators as well as representatives of official authorities, business, civic organizations, politics and science. Peter Waser, Starmind’s CEO, took part in a panel on the subject of “Digital Strategies for Switzerland”, together with Jürg Grossen, the president of the Green Liberal Party and a member of the government, and Stéphane Maret, president of the Bern Business School and a director of SIG, a public institution. Waser was invited to speak as an expert in energy and digitalization.

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