7 reasons to become friends with an intelligent robot

Pascal Kaufmann, Founder Starmind International AG 


1. The networker

Your robot knows about you. It even organizes your dinner party because it already knows your friends. It helps you develop friendships and network. 


2. The knowledge-hungry

It thinks and collects important information and knowledge. Not just the one already important to you, but even better, the one that will become important in the future. And it puts it at your disposal, exactly then when you need it, no matter where. 


3. The bureaucrat

Your robot clone takes on annoying parts of your work so you have more free time. Repetition tasks and refreshing courses are among its favorite jobs. 


4. The roommate

Your robot goes to work as a banker, a lawyer or a physician, and it performs its duties with flying colors. It contributes 50% of its income to the household fund. 


5. The housekeeper

Cleaning, washing, tidying, shopping.. you name it: it does it for you. And whenever it is stuck, it knows to get the help of human workforce via Internet services. 


6. The nurse

Do you get annoying when feeling sick? Your robot is immune not only to diseases but also to cranky patients. It lovingly takes care of you and adjust its level of TLC to your liking. Do you need a bit of a surprise to cheer you up? Simply activate the random generator. 


7. The ethicist

World views, religious dogmas, ethical dilemmas – your robot can be elegantly optimized to share, or not, your desired levels. The problem of freedom of thought won’t cross its mind. 


This article was first published in German on February 23rd 2017 at Xing.com. Here