Starmind in the media – Pascal und Marc, our “cover boys”
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Alexandra Jagnow

In addition to the cover story in the Credit Suisse magazine, several media reported on the cooperation with Munich Re and Microsoft as well as on HR Cosmos, the HR network launched in January. Pascal Kaufmann is quoted in an article on Artificial Intelligence and drones, next to such illustrious names as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.

Cover models at Credit Suisse

Pascal und Marc, Starmind’s founders, were featured right on the cover, specifically of the November issue of Entrepreneur, a magazine issued by Credit Suisse. They report on Starmind’s history, their mission to link knowledge superstars and why at Starmind, 1 + 1 is not simply 2, but 3.

Starmind is selected for the Microsoft ScaleUp program

You can read all about it in Forbes: Starmind is coached and supported by Microsoft mentors in various subjects during Microsoft’s four-month program for technology start-ups. 

Munich Re successful with Starmind technology

Starmind’s international acceptance continues with the announcement of its cooperation with Munich Re and the worldwide rollout of the “OneMind” network. Among others, Starmind was reported on by the insurance business trade press, including in Reinsurance News. Starmind technology is particularly useful in underwriting und client management. The idea is to present Munich Re’s customers with sophisticated solutions as soon as possible. By availing themselves of the worldwide knowledge network underwriters, for example, can tap into findings in similar cases and are therefore able to come up with more efficient solutions.

Starmind + HR Campus = HR Cosmos, Switzerland’s largest HR network

Starmind began its cooperation with HR Campus last summer and on January 15 of this year the project was launched: Switzerland’s largest network, HR Cosmos. HR Cosmos links HR workers from various Swiss companies in an integrated network with the goal of promoting knowledge exchanges. The idea is not only to provide solutions to problems but to exchange experiences, best practices and helpful tips. For more, see the article in HR Today.

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Pascal Kaufmann

As expert for Artificial Intelligence, Pascal, one of Starmind’s founders, is mentioned in one breath with Stephen Hawkins and Elon Musk. What makes them different: Hawking and Musk are skeptical when it comes to independently thinking drones, while Pascal sees great opportunities for mankind in this concept. Interested in learning more? Read the article in Inc.


Photo: Robert Aebli

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