Smart cooperation with the Work Smart Coaching Team at Swisscom

Denise Gehring

A video shot by Swisscom in partnership with Starmind showcases the use of “Ask the Brain” – the name given to the Starmind network at Swisscom – as well as the approach taken by Work Smart Coaching.

Behind Swisscom’s development of the Work Smart concept is the realization that employees must be included in a company’s digital transformation. Starmind’s new technologies have enabled companies to turn to such intelligent forms of work. Such different thinking requires adjustments within the company in order to allow all inherent positive effects to bear fruit. This means: The more you integrate employees into these processes of change, the more successful they can be implemented in the organization. Swisscom’s Work Smart coaching team accompanies companies into a smart future and supports cultural changes. Swisscom has been successfully banking on Starmind for five years and knows how to share and store knowledge within a company on a sustained basis.

The Work Smart coaching team adapts its modules to the needs and specific situation of the client company. Together with the customer a vision is developed that reflects the desired corporate values and changes; this lays the foundation for efficient and smart cooperation going forward. The process takes into consideration four aspects: technology, infrastructure, forms of cooperation and corporate culture, with the intent of the best possible impact. In a next step employees are empowered for the future. Digital natives (Swisscom apprentices), to whom new technologies come easily, support the others in this process of change.


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