• Tacit technical know-how is vital for the success of Keller projects
• The international structure makes it difficult to exploit local talent globally
• Acquiring best talent is a key element of Keller’s strategy




• Implementation of Starmind for 1,000 users all over the division
• Full integration into the Keller Holding intranet
• Initial usage is smoothening the integration of new subsidiaries
• Decentralization of HQ services comes on top



Improved talent acquisition through promoting new hires to access the full Keller Holding expertise from day one
• Tacit technical knowledge is made explicit and available to all employees on the Starmind network
• Move from star to network communication, i.e. 75% of answers are given by an expert in another country. 

As a decentralized and geographically dispersed organization, we have come to appreciate the benefits of Starmind. In particular, our young engineers have the opportunity to take advantage of the connected expert know-how of the entire organization from day one. This interactive and therefore timely learning and understanding contributes to the wellbeing of our customers, and consequently that of our company. This makes Keller Holding a particularly attractive employer for ambitious engineers who want to make a difference.                             

Gunnar Feldkamp
HR Director EMEA
Keller Holding Plc


Keller Group plc, the world’s largest independent ground engineering specialist, is renowned for providing technically advanced and cost-effective foundation solutions. With permanent operations in over 40 countries across 5 continents, Keller has the financial strength, the know-how, the capacity and the global reach to tackle some of the largest and most demanding projects around the world. 10’000 employees worked on iconic buildings such as the British Museum, Palm Islands Jumeira and Deira or the Amsterdam Central Station.


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