• Due to rapidly changing business environment, subject matter expertise is hard to find
• Decentralized organization with offices spread over the entire city of Düsseldorf and stores across Europe
• A new intranet on its way but without the capability to share and document knowledge



• Start of Starmind in May 2016; extending the capabilities of the new intranet
• Starmind link positioned within header of intranet, always visible for user, question stream integrated in starting page, next to news
• Entire HQ and store managers have full access to Starmind



• Knowledge is easy to access and available at all times
• Experts are found easily, full transparency on who contributes what
• Confidence to ask rises due to anonymous questions
• High adoption rates – after five months 89% of all employees are activated

Peek & Cloppenburg was looking for an innovative and easy way to bring the decentralized workforce closer together. With Starmind we found a solution which fits to our needs and culture.

Wendelin Wiedeking
Project Leader, Team Digital, Peek&Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf

ABOUT peek & Cloppenburg

Peek&Cloppenburg (P&C) is a family-run, fashion business with its headquarters in Düsseldorf and Vienna. Founded in 1901 in Düsseldorf, it is today a Europe-wide leading enterprise in the upscale textile retail business. P&C has a broad collection for every style and price range with international top brands and high class store labels. P&C operates 145 stores in 15 countries and onlineshops in Germany and Austria.

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