• Customers demand highest quality experience from their mobile network, products and services
• Dedicated focus on taking full advantage of digital technology and simplification
• Multiple brands and heterogeneous organizational setting in a post-merger environment



• Telefónica branded implementation of Starmind under the name of DigitalBrain
• 2600 users are now sharing expertise with over 100 questions being solved every month
• Fully integrated in the employee portal, the intuitive tool allows users to continue working in their familiar environment



• Day-to-day work is made easier. Expertise is available for everyone, everywhere, anytime
• Expertise moves now freely and neutrally through the organization. Old inherited structural barriers are erased
• Seamless and effortless integration allows for a fast, widespread adoption

If Telefónica knew all the things
Telefónica knows… DigitalBrain makes
the expertise of each individual employee available for everyone.                   

Heinz Korten
Senior Specialist New Media
& Project Lead DigitalBrain
Telefónica Deutschland


Telefónica Deutschland is the pacemaker of digitalization in this dynamic market. After the merger with E-Plus, the company is forming a new organization that will allow it to best serve the changing telecommunications market of the future and offer its customers the best experience in every respect.

Shaping the digital transformation such that Telefónica Deutschland becomes one of the winners of the digital revolution.


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