We take security very seriously. The high-performance hosted solution is convenient and secure and meets the high security standards of leading financial institutes: no installation is required and it can be accessed from any modern browser. A security-focused development lifecycle, strong encryption and regular security audits ensure that Starmind meets the rigorous requirements of large corporations. Nevertheless, Starmind can, upon request, be installed in the client’s data center as an on-premise application.


Highly Secure Hosting

Starmind uses a trusted and highly secure hosting environment based in Switzerland. Systems are protected using state-of-the-art guidelines and implementing a wide range of security controls. Permanent monitoring ensures that rigorous restrictions and controls run as expected.

Strong Encryption

Starmind is only accessible over encrypted connections and strong ciphers. Several control mechanisms are in place to prevent users from connecting without established encryption. This ensures the security of all customer data throughout transmission over the Internet.

High Availability

Starmind systems are designed to meet strict requirements ensuring highest availability to users at any given time. Starmind guarantees availability exceeding 99% of service time.

Data Input Validation

Starmind is based on frameworks supporting centralized data input validation and output encoding to mitigate the risk of well-known vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and SQL Injections. Regular penetration tests confirm latest validation strategies.

Regular Security Audits

Starmind performs continuous Security Audits with trusted external partners. These tests are performed at least once a year or after a major update to ensure highest security standards regarding confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer know-how.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Starmind implements and follows a detailed Security Development Lifecycle to ensure security throughout all phases of the software development process. This includes continuous training for all developers, an extensive design phase to consider all possible risks and ensuring mitigating controls by conducting large-scale testing of new releases.