Starmind shares knowledge

Carola Twrsnick
Project Manager Client Development

So far, we have had only three days of summer in 2016, and on one of these rare sunny evenings Starmind invited clients to the Erlengut, a stately home in Erlenbach, to come and raise a toast to past and future successes with an aperitif and a wonderful view of Lake Zürich.

Conversation was animated, not least because of the keynote speech by the neuroscientist and Science Slam winner Henning Beck, who managed to illustrate – briefly, and with concrete examples and great expertise – how the human brain thinks, and to demonstrate the differences between human and artificial intelligence. The neuroscientist Beck and the Starmind founder Pascal Kaufmann continued to disagree on the question of whether, in future, computers will be able to copy and outperform the human brain’s abilities in conceptual thinking and connectivity – a question many guests were still discussing at the get-together afterwards.

The guests – among them, Starmind users who have been there from the beginning, as well as clients who are currently setting up the Starmind network within their companies – spent the warm evening hours intensively exchanging ideas, and they were very happy to see the familiar faces of Starmind again.

We would like to thank everyone who attended for making this an amicable, relaxed and enjoyable evening, and we wish all our clients a successful and sunny summer.

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