Accessing knowledge you know must already exist somewhere in your organisation can be challenging, especially if you’re part of a global company with colleagues based around the world.

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, wanted to enhance know-how exchange between employees across its global research and development (R&D) network.

The aim was to cut down time spent searching for information, or finding the right person to connect with, while encouraging a new way of collaborating and sharing know-how that could accelerate innovation and new product development.

Starmind offered a solution for simplifying the sharing of expertise and enabling easier discussions among interdisciplinary teams - one that can be accessed on-the-go and in real time. Convinced by our application, Nestlé gave it a try with a seven-month pilot.

During the pilot phase, which lasted from April to October 2016, 80% of Nestlé’s Starmind users agreed it was the right tool to better connect experts within the global R&D community. Furthermore, over 50% of all employees who asked a question via Starmind got in touch with the expert for further discussions after receiving a solution.

"We often say “if only Nestlé knew what Nestlé knew”, said Hans Jörg Limbach, Discovery Portfolio Manager for Nestlé Research in Switzerland. “By introducing Starmind technology we made a big step forward in enabling our people to share and access each other’s know-how for the benefit of our consumers."

“Nestlé’ is the perfect example of why we created Starmind,” said Peter Waser, CEO of Starmind. “It is a global company with thousands of knowledgeable and valuable employees. The potential for growth and expansion when you bring all that insight together, organize it, and make it accessible to the organization as a whole is endless. We are excited to welcome Nestlé as a client of Starmind.”