Art in Küsnacht – our vision as a comic strip
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Lea Bachmann

Recently a wall of our entrance area at headquarters in Küsnacht received a make-over of the special kind:  Our technology roadmap, artfully integrated into a huge comic strip for visitors and employees to take a look at our vision and ongoing projects.

The galaxy symbolizes the path from our product in its current form to a technology that aims to understand a person like people commonly understand each other. There are a number of milestones to conquer to get to that point: Step by step we need to learn from new data sources that might enable us to understand not only a person’s expertise and interests but also their character.

Right at the center of the illustration our algorithm team presents the largest projects on which they work at any given time: From internal advancements to performance comparisons of various algorithms up to customer projects – here we show the most challenging efforts undertaken by our team.

True to innovation as part of Starmind’s DNA and “Keep Exploring” as one of our corporate values, the right side of the Comics wall is devoted to experimental projects: The rockets are symbols of different agile projects in which we are testing interesting hypotheses outside of our regular development plan. One of the rockets might very well explode right after launch - never mind, trial and error is part of our philosophy!

The explorative projects on the right side of the demonstration are contrasted by the play station on the left: Inspired by the erstwhile Donkey Kong play stations, here a monkey keeps throwing new barrels down a beaten path. The individual barrels are showcases for current further developments of our Enterprise Q&A, as designed by our engineering team. Since we have a new product release at least every two weeks, this will clearly be the most dynamic part of the demonstration.

The Comic Strip allows us to illustrate the different thought and work streams of our development team in a playful manner. The wall has become a new meeting point for our employees, but also our visitors are attracted by it, and it makes it possible to explain complex aspects and interdependencies of our short, medium and long term planning in a comprehensible way.

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