Starmind provides an elaborated REST API that enables custom integration into various applications. In addition, Starmind implements several specific integration interfaces such as all major single sign-on protocols, OpenSearch, RSS or HTML widgets.



The REST API allows developers to create individual apps that work with Starmind. REST API is technology-independent and the interface is not limited to a specific programming language or environment. Therefore, if desired, Starmind can be integrated into any intranet application such as Share-Point, Jive or Yammer.

Single sign-on

Starmind supports all major single sign-on protocols such as SAML 2.0, OAuth or a token-based procedure that can be accessed through the REST API. Starmind does not have to save any authentication information about a user locally when single sign-on is implemented. Additionally, users do not have to learn another username or password combination

OpenSearch integration

Users produce a lot of useful content when asking and solving questions. This content can be accessed through other platforms that support federated search based on the OpenSearch protocol. A user can, for example, search within SharePoint and find a solution on Starmind. In combination with single sign-on, users receive immediate results without switching between applications.

RSS feeds

Starmind offers several different question feeds which can be integrated into other applications. Feeds can be general (e.g. unsolved questions, new questions etc.), user-related (e.g. a question that might interest user #15) or topic-related (e.g. questions about Marketing, Sales and Ad Words). These feeds can be integrated into all major collaboration tools.

HTML widgets

Starmind offers preconfigured and ready-to-use HTML widgets for inclusion in other web applications such as intranet or a collaboration suite. The widgets can either be used to display content or to interact with the Starmind application.

White labeling

The web interface can be customized to meet the design requirements of the client. Fonts, colors, logos and any text messages can be tailored to fit into a corporate identity.


Skype for Business Integration

To reduce email load, the Starmind notification system can be linked to a Lync bot in order to distribute alerts in real time without sending emails. The Lync API can also send current online and offline status reports to Starmind to be evaluated while routing questions to potential experts.


Sharepoint Integration in Cooperation with Colygon

With the integration of Starmind into the Digital Workplace platform MatchPoint Snow based on SharePoint, joint customers will benefit from a new full solution, which seamlessly combines social collaboration, intranet and self-learning knowledge management. MatchPoint Snow Digital Workplace is a product by Colygon.


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