Starmind International AG was founded by Pascal Kaufmann and Marc Vontobel in 2010. As a young company with roots at ETH Zurich, Starmind develops Brain Technology for companies with at least 500 employees. 

The system enables organizations to gather the entire company knowledge across existing organizational boundaries, making it available to all employees everywhere and in real time. Starmind uses self-learning algorithms that are based on the principles of brain and artificial neural network research. Each question of an employee is automatically forwarded to the right person within the company, who the algorithm has identified as the designated expert for that specific topic. Starmind is currently in use in over 40 countries by various reputable companies from various industries.




Pascal Kaufmann
Starmind Founder and Visionary

Pascal Kaufmann is a technology entrepreneur who pushes the limits of the unknown. He has been obsessed by Robots, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence and brain research for years. As a neuroscience graduate from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, he researched the interface between living brains and robots at the medical school of Northwestern University, IL, USA. His vision “to think with the power of 1’000 brains” - gave rise to the concept of Corporate Brains with self-learning algorithms - opening a new field called “Brain Technology”. Pascal is a qualified pilot, and has navigated his way through some of the most renowned research laboratories and investment banks. He is now the fearless leader of Starmind.


Marc Vontobel
Starmind Founder and CTO

Marc Vontobel founded his first company during
his school years, where his passion for tech entrepreneurship increasingly grew. He topped his
self-learned programming and designing skills with a Computer Science degree at the University of Zurich. Marc is the Mastermind behind Starmind’s algorithms and has written more lines of code backwards than most people will ever write forwards. Tired of all the projects that try emulate human know-how, he is the front man in bringing the human back into the game. His vision is to “interlink millions of people with billions of experiences and make this collective knowledge available in real time” – this making it undeniably redundant in trying to reproduce a human brain.


Peter Waser
Chief Executive Officer

Peter brings in over 20 years of senior executive experience at a global level to his role as Chief Executive Officer of Starmind International AG. Peter is a highly regarded business figure in the Software, Technology and Telecommunication industries. He was at IBM for 10 years, before later moving to Microsoft Switzerland where he would later become Country General Manager. 

Fabienne Doerig
Chief Financial/Ops Officer

Fabienne is a finance executive, with extensive experience in strategic transactions, financial planning and controlling and accounting. Fabienne is a Certified Public Accountant. Professional experience includes M&A, strategy and business development, transaction advisory as well as audit and risk management advisory. In the past she held a leadership positions at EY and Sonova.




Martin Korbmacher

is Founder and Managing Partner of Event Horizon Capital & Advisory GmbH and is an expert when it comes to finances, investments and strategic transactions. He has held executive investment banking positions at JP Morgan and Dresdner Kleinwort and been Managing Director of Credit Suisse based in Frankfurt. 


Harold Finders

was the CEO of SunGard Financial Systems until the beginning of 2014, one of the largest global software and services providers to the Financial Services Industry. Since then he has specialized in helping high-tech start-ups to develop globally on a board level in all key areas of growth.